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Receipt Rolls Paper for mC-Print2 and mPOP 12Pack


Paper mPOP, mC-Print2

Receipt Paper for mPOP® and mC-Print2

58mm Width, 85 ft Length, 12 Rolls/Case, Blue Core

  • Thermal Paper
  • 58mm Width
  • 85 ft Length
  • 12 Rolls/Case
  • Blue Core Paper


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Receipt Rolls Paper for mC-Print2 & mPop

Introducing Receipt Rolls Paper for mC-Print2 & mPOP our high-quality receipt roll for thermal receipt printers – a must-have for businesses looking to improve their point-of-sale operations. Our 12-pack of receipt rolls is specifically designed to fit the dimensions and specifications of these printers, ensuring that your receipts will be printed with precision and clarity every time.

ZynrgyTech offers Blu Core Receipt Rolls Paper for mC-Print2 that help ensure top performance and provide unparalleled convenience. Our 12 Pack TRF58-D50-C17 makes it easy to keep printing running smoothly with no more jams or clogs.


Upgrade your POS system with quality paper rolls that comply to warranty standards

Introducing our tailor-made rolls with life extended print heads, providing longer paper lengths with fewer changes and total warranty compliance. Get unbeatable quality and performance with Star products and experience the difference with our unparalleled paper.

Trust us to deliver outstanding results that simply cannot be matched by any other brand out there. Say goodbye to constant paper changes and hello to seamless printing that minimizes downtime. Our innovative technology ensures maximum efficiency and reliability, so you can focus on what you do best without worrying about paper quality. Try Star today and experience printing like never before!

When it comes to reliability, efficiency, and convenience, don’t settle for anything less than our Blu Core Paper Rolls 12 Pack.



Looking for top-quality receipt printers and paper that won’t let you down?

Experience exceptional print quality, durability, and longevity with our premium thermal paper receipt rolls. Designed to endure heavy usage in bustling retail, hospitality, and service settings, your receipts will remain flawless and legible for extended periods. Our thermal paper also resists smudging and fading, guaranteeing long-lasting readability.


Say goodbye to frustrating paper jams and clogs with our top-grade Receipt Rolls Paper for mC-Print2

Experience seamless high-speed and high-quality printing with ourReceipt Rolls Paper for mC-Print2, tested and proven to work wonders with mPop and mC-Print2 printers. Minimized paper jams and other printing errors also ensure hassle-free operations.

But wait, that’s not all. Our receipt rolls also boast their environmentally friendly nature. Made from BPA-free materials, they are fully recyclable and significantly reduce their impact on the environment.


12 Pack Roll Rolls Paper mPOP mC-Print2

Each pack of our receipt rolls contains 12 rolls, providing ample supply for your business needs. And with our competitive pricing, you can rest assured that you are getting a great deal on a high-quality product that will benefit your business for a long time.

Looking to optimize your business’s point-of-sale operations? Our receipt roll paper is a game-changer. Say goodbye to headaches caused by subpar print quality and durability. Our receipt rolls offer top-notch printing, resilience, and user-friendliness – all while being eco-friendly.

Don’t wait – order a pack of twelve rolls today to start reaping the benefits of this must-have product!


Star’s Unbeatable Quality: Improve Your Point-of-Sale Operations with Our High-Quality Receipt Roll

Star Micronics offers a complete line of innovative and reliable POS and mPOS receipt printers accompanied by our high-quality, affordable paper. Star’s TRF58-D50-C17 12PK Blue Core paper rolls for the mPOP® and mC-Print2 series printers work efficiently with your printer to extend the life of the print head, provide longer paper lengths for fewer paper changes, and prevent jams and clogs. Star paper rolls support warranty compliance and are offered in convenient pack sizes.

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 5.2 × 4.3 in
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