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POSShield Protective Barrier


POSShield Protective Barrier

Virus-Protection Guard Designed for mPOS

The POSShield Protective Barrier, which acts as a sneeze guard and limits the spread of germs, is placed in between the cashier and the customer, and is comprised of a durable steel frame and a protective plexiglass partition.
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Durable Steel frame and plexiglass shield
No Drilling Required Easy to install and removable
Ideal Size Perfect for a single cashier, and limited counter space
Pin Pad Mountable Capable of mounting a credit card reader
Adjustable Height Perfect for passing items to and from the cashier
Shield Dimensions   750mm (W) x 854mm (H) / 30” (W) x 33.5” (H)
Base Dimensions   320mm(W) x 370mm(D) / 12.6”(W) x 14.6”(D)
Product Weight   7.2kg / 15.87 lbs
Plexiglass Thickness   3mm
Metal Base Thickness   4mm
Whats's Included in the Box   1 pcs. Plexiglass Panel 1 pcs. Metal Construction for Plexiglass with Metal Ring 1 pcs. Metal Pole 1 pcs. Metal Base Plate and 3M Adhesive VHB (3 pcs. Per Base Plate) 1 pcs. Screws for Pole and Base Plate Installation 2 pcs. Allen Keys • 1 pc. for Pole and Base Plate Installation • 1 pc. for Adjustment of Metal Construction for Plexiglass on Pole 1 Setup Guide

POSShield Protective Barrier- Portable Plexiglass Sneeze Guard for Retail & POS

Get ready to say goodbye to germs with the ultimate solution for retail and POS environments – POSShield Protective Barrier! This cutting-edge plexiglass sneeze guard brings a host of innovative features that make it stand out from the crowd. Say hello to a safer workspace as you shield your employees and customers from nasty germs. Whether it’s a corporate headquarters or a bustling retail space, POSShield has got you covered!

Looking for a protective barrier that won’t take up too much space? Look no further than POSShield Protective Barrier! At just 30″ wide and 33″ tall, this barrier is the perfect size for creating a safe and secure environment without sacrificing valuable countertop space. And with no mounting or drilling required, installation is a breeze. Thanks to its adjustable mounting pole and heavy-duty materials, this protective shield can stay firmly in place – no permanent fixtures necessary! Plus, it’s compatible with existing POS or mPOS terminals, so you won’t have to overhaul your setup to stay protected.

Light-weight yet sturdy enough for longterm use

You’ll love how easy it is to take with you when needed. And since it’s free-standing on a flat surface, there’s nowhere you won’t be able to protect yourself and your customers with confidence and convenience. Everyone wins!

Office executives love having one less thing to worry about when it comes to safety! This shield works perfectly with any of your receipt printers Proactively protect your staff & customers alike – say goodbye to unnecessary germs with POSShield – Portable Plexiglass Sneeze Guard for Retail & POS today!

Key Features of POSShield Protective Barrier
  • Limits the spread of germs
  • 30” wide and 33” tall
  • No countertop mounting or drilling required
  • Adjustable mounting pole
  • Compatible with any existing POS or mPOS terminal
  • Light-weight and portable
POSShield Protective Barrier | ZynergyTech
POSShield Protective Barrier | ZynergyTech

The POSShield Protective Barrier features a sturdy base plate with no countertop mounting or drilling required, making it easy to install and relocate. With a focus on mobility and reusability, the POSShield can be easily reinstalled for future use cases including flu seasons, changes in store setup, and more.

POSShield Protective Barrier | ZynergyTech
POSShield Protective Barrier | ZynergyTech

Keep your customers and cashiers safe with our innovative sneeze guard! Our guard is designed with a gap that allows for seamless scanning and passing of products, while still providing a sturdy barrier between customers and staff members. Plus, it’s easily adjustable to fit any cashier’s needs.

Need to mount a payment terminal? No problem – we’ve got you covered with a sturdy pole designed specifically for this purpose. And if you want to mount the shield to your countertop, we provide all the supplies you need to do so. Stay safe and protected with our top-quality sneeze guard!

POSShield Protective Barrier | ZynergyTech
POSShield Protective Barrier | ZynergyTech


Introducing the POSShield – your ultimate weapon against the spread of germs! Forget bulky, annoying sneeze guards of the past – this sleek, stylish shield fits perfectly into any SMB with limited counterspace. Crafted from tough steel and durable plexiglass, each 30″ x 33″ partition is tailored to protect one cashier from the dangers of sneezes, coughs, and germ-laden customers. And for businesses with multiple cashiers, simply add more shields to your cart! With adaptability and compatibility at the forefront of its design, the POSShield fits seamlessly into any existing POS or mPOS terminal.

Protect your customers and employees today with the power of POSShield!
Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 4 × 30 in
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