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mUnite EZ100 POS Desktop Tablet Display Stand


POS Solution with a Clean Design

Discover the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality with Star Micronics’ mUnite POS solution stands. These sturdy steel stands are designed to complement the mCollection line of mPOS printers, cash drawers, scales, and peripherals. They are compatible with all tablet brands and can be easily installed. Plus, they work seamlessly with the mC-Print3, mPOP™, and TSP143III/TSP654II POS printers.

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* Tablet, printer, and enclosure not included

Upgrade your POS with Star’s #1 mUnite Desktop Tablet Stands


Revolutionize your point-of-sale (POS) system effortlessly with Star’s mUnite tablet stands! Among our highly sought-after products is the mUnite EZ100 tablet stand, an all-steel POS stand that is perfect for decluttering your work surface and organizing cords. This stand is not only an aesthetic enhancement to your workspace, but it also provides stability and style to your TSP100, TSP650 & TSP700 series receipt printers – and the kicker is that it’s also compatible with any tablet of your choice, regardless of platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)!

To ensure that your device stays firmly attached to the mUnite ez100 tablet stand, rest easy with the Universal VESA mounting system that’s designed to provide an unshakable grip. Additionally, the flexibility of the stand is remarkable as it gives you the freedom to adjust the tilt to your preferred angle without any fuss, making your work routine more comfortable.


Get organized and declutter your workspace with mUnite.


The mUnite ez100 tablet stand offers even more benefits as it comes with a customer-facing option providing an additional space for a second person to use. The mUnite stand also eliminates messy cables and helps declutter the workspace giving you a cleaner, sleeker space.

Upgrade your POS system with Star’s mUnite desktop tablet stand for a clearer workspace and optimal convenience. Experience the benefits it provides to boost your workspace style, productivity, and comfort.


Enhance Your Brand & Streamline Your Point of Sale with mUnite EZ100 tablet Display Stand.


Looking for a point-of-sale stand that can increase brand recognition and improve your checkout process?

Look no further than the mUnite EZ100 tablet Stand POS stand. With its sleek design and visually-pleasing aesthetics, this stand is the perfect tool to elevate your brand’s image and provide your customers with a frictionless checkout experience.


Part of the renowned mCollection® series from Star Micronics, the mUnite stands are perfectly designed to work with the brand’s cash drawers, scales, peripherals, and tablet enclosures, including the Universal mEnclosure. Offering a seamless and streamlined design, it’s easy to integrate these tools into your existing checkout process, making them an ideal solution for businesses of any size.


So, what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your point-of-sale system now with the mUnite EZ100 tablet Stand POS stand and take your brand to the next level!

Declutter and elevate your POS system with Star’s mUnite desktop tablet stands today.

Order yours now and prepare to wow your customers with a seamless checkout experience!


Key Features

  • Provides stable, secure protection for POS system
  • Lessens unnecessary bulkiness and freshens presentation
  • Space-saving design keeps wires together and off of checkout counter
  • Universal 75mm/100mm VESA mounting for tablet*
  • Made from steel for enduring quality
  • Supports any iOS, Android, and Windows tablet or touchscreen computer (not included)
  • Complements TSP100, TSP650 & TSP700 series printers and the Universal mEnclosure


Say goodbye to clutter and increase customer satisfaction.


Upgrade your POS system with the mUnite EZ100 tablet stand – the ultimate solution for security, durability, and style. The stand features a sleek, modern design that not only elevates the appearance of your business counter but also keeps it tidy and organized. With its protective housing for TSP series printers, you can keep your valuable equipment safe and sound.


Upgrade Your Desktop with an Unshakable Stand.


Gone are the days of messy cables and tangled wires! The mUnite EZ100 tablet stand provides a neat and organized space for all your device cables, saving you from the headache of cable clutter. Plus, this stand is versatile enough to accommodate an additional tablet for customer use, making it the perfect solution for all your business needs.

Choose the mUnite EZ100 tablet stand and experience peace of mind knowing that your business is secure and professional. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting use, while its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your workspace. Upgrade your business today and enjoy the many benefits of the mUnite EZ100 tablet stand.

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