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mPOP 1D Barcode Scanner


Are you a retailer looking for the perfect barcode scanner to take your shop to the next level? The Star Micronics mPOP Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand is just the product for you! This incredibly fast 1D Barcode Scanner will make checkouts a breeze, as not only is it fast and efficient but user-friendly too.

Nobody wants complicated gear that requires hours of training and setup – and this product was designed specifically to be easy-to-use. With its one-touch activation, you’ll have smooth and effortless checkouts in no time! And with its USB interface, installing it will be a snap.

To make checkout even smoother and faster, place the mPOP on an optional stand to get you scanning items right away without needing assistance. This ergonomic device has been tested rigorously against multiple shocks and drops to ensure reliability. Plus, its stylish design paired with quiet operation means happy customers and helpful employees who can keep focused on helping out shoppers instead of getting distracted by loud or unrefined hardware.

Don’t wait another minute – upgrade your shop to the Star Micronics mPOP Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand today! Offering speed, ease of use, reliability, style, and much more – this feature packed machine should be an essential part of your store for years to come.

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mPOP 1D Scanner – The Ultimate Checkout Tool!

mPOP 1D Barcode Scanner


Are you ready to revolutionize your shop and take it to the next level?


Look no further than the Star Micronics mPOP Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand! This impressive mPOP 1D Barcode Scanner is lightning-fast and a total game-changer when it comes to checkouts. Plus, it’s incredibly user-friendly, making it a perfect choice for businesses of all kinds. Say goodbye to slow transactions and hello to streamlined success with the mPOP Barcode Scanner.


Upgrade your shop with the Star Micronics mPOP Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand for effortless checkouts with just a touch of a button.


Say goodbye to complicated gear requiring hours of training and setup! Designed with simplicity in mind, this product shines with its one-touch activation and USB interface. Experience smooth and effortless checkouts without any fuss. Installing it will be an absolute breeze!


Installing this useful device is easy as it comes with an integrated USB interface.

Leave behind the days of frustrating and time-consuming equipment setups. Introducing the sleek and simple mPOP, the answer to your checkout woes. With just a single touch, you’ll glide through transactions with ease. And with its user-friendly USB interface, installation is a breeze.

If you’re looking for a speedy and streamlined solution, the optional stand will maximize scanning efficiency. Upgrade to the mPOP and say goodbye to complicated gear for good!


For even faster scanning, place it on the optional stand to start scanning items right away.

Not only is this device sturdy and durable, having undergone rigorous testing to ensure its resilience against shocks and drops, it also boasts a sleek design and operates almost silently. This guarantees a checkout experience free from any interruptions caused by clunky or loud hardware, making both customers and employees ecstatic.


Boasting resilient construction, this machine has undergone multiple tests for shock and drops to guarantee reliability in all conditions.

Enhance your checkout experience with the mPOP device mounted on an optional stand. Say goodbye to waiting in line while a cashier manually scans your items. This nifty tool is designed for your convenience, allowing you to scan items without any assistance.


You won’t have to worry about durability either

The device has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can handle multiple shocks and drops. Additionally, its sleek design and quiet operation will keep both customers and employees satisfied, allowing them to focus on what matters most – shopping and assisting.


Enjoy peace and quiet while customers are in line – its sleek design coupled with near-silent operation ensures nobody is distracted by noisy hardware.

Take your shop to the next level and make checkout a breeze with the Star Micronics mPOP Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand. With lightning-fast speed, intuitive simplicity, ironclad reliability, and striking style, this all-in-one machine is the perfect choice for any modern retailer. Upgrade now and experience the convenience and power that your store deserves!


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Get lightning fast scans for any 1D or 2D barcode

A 1D scanner is a barcode scanner that can read one-dimensional barcodes, such as the UPC-A barcode found on most products in the United States. 1D scanners are typically less expensive than 2D scanners, which can read both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. However, 1D scanners are not as versatile as 2D scanners, and they cannot read barcodes that are damaged or obscured.

1D scanners are commonly used in retail stores to scan items at checkout. They are also used in warehouses and other industrial settings to track inventory and manage shipments. 1D scanners can also be used in libraries, schools, and other organizations to scan books and other materials.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4.5 × 9.58 in

White, Black

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