mG-S1501 NTEP Certified Scale


The NTEP certified mG-S1501 is an ideal POS scale for measuring lightweight substances. With the ability to measure substances up to 1500g, this scale is highly accurate and certified to sell cannabis in Washington, Alaska, California, and Oregon. Easy to use, the scale is equipped with an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, and can connect via Bluetooth, USB, and serial.


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mG-S1501 NTEP POS Scale: Retail, Coffee, Candy, & Deli

Key Features
  • Legal for Trade, NTEP certified
  • Measures substances up to 1500g
  • Multiple Interfaces (Bluetooth, Serial, USB)
  • Wired & Battery operated Power Supply
  • Class II Accuracy for the Cannabis industry
  • Support for Windows, Android, iOS
DESIGNED FOR A VARIETY OF INDUSTRIES With NTEP certification, the mG-S1501 is legal for trade and perfect for a variety of markets including cannabis, retail, coffee, candy, deli, and more. Ideal for cannabis dispensaries, the POS scale is certified to sell cannabis in Washington, Alaska, California, and Oregon. With its high reliability and waterproof and dust-proof cover, the mG-S1501 can provide accurate measurements for many industries.
;mG-S1501 Interface Slider
MODERN CONNECTIVITY AND POWER OPTIONS The mG-S1501 offers software support for Windows, iOS, and Android, making the process of adding the POS scale to an existing system a smooth process. In addition, the mG-S1501 has the ability to connect through three different types of interfaces including Bluetooth BLE, USB, and serial. The scale may also be powered either by a battery or through an outlet to allow for portable use.
PART OF MCOLLECTION The mG-S1501 digital scale is a part of the Star Micronics mCollection – a line of mPOS hardware designed for the future. The mCollection includes printers, cash drawers, scales, tablet POS stands, an all-in-one, and more. With multiple connectivity options and a sleek design, the mCollection is changing the face of retail and hospitality.


NTEP Certified Legal for Trade, meets 2018 requirements
Cannabis Certified Certified in Washington & Alaska for less than 28.4g Certified in California & Oregon for 10 - 100g
FutureProof Connect one scale with either Serial, USB, or Bluetooth
Mobile Power Supply Battery powered for mobile situations
Unique Tuning Fork Patented Tuning Fork design for NTEP requirements
Easy User Experience Simple to connect and operate
Tare Function Able to measure products in a container
Counting Function Able to count products by weight
Output Function Able to send data to the connected device
Software Supported iOS, Android, Windows


NTEP Certification Legal for Trade
Cannabis Certified Certified in Washington & Alaska for less than 28.4g Certified in California, Oregon, Colorado for 10-100g
Max Capacity 1500g
Readability 0.1g
Connectivity Bluetooth v4.0, USB, Serial
Default Unit Grams
Unit Options g (Gram), LB (pound), OZ (ounce), GN (grain), DWT (penny weight), ct (carat)
Class II
Verification Intervals 0.1g
Calibration External
Power Supply External AC Adpater (included), AA Battery Operated, or USB-bus powered
Stabilization Time 1.6 sec.
Software Support iOS SDK (BLE), Android SDK (BLE), Windows SDK (USB)
Overload Sensor Standard
Tare Function Standard
Zero Tracking Standard
Counting Mode Standard (min. piece weight 0.03g)
Drivers Available Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows® XP 32 Bit, Vista 32/64 Bit, Windows 7 32/64 Bit,
Operating Conditions Temperature: 5oC to 35oC Humidity: 0% - 85% RH (without condensation)
Dimensions 190 X 260 X 85 (w x h x d)mm
Weighing Pan Dimensions 180mm x 160mm (w x h)
Safety Standards UL, C-UL, TuV, FCC, VCCI, EN55022, CE
Accessories Included Square base pan, USB-B Cable, AC Adapter, Operations Manual,