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Linerless Label Rolls for TSP654SK

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Experience an all-in-one solution for your printing needs with ZynergyTech’s cutting-edge POS and mPOS receipt printers. Pair your machine with our affordable and high-quality paper for the ultimate printing experience. Opt for Star’s TRK58-D83-C17 KD 6PK Blue Core Linerless Label Paper Rolls to sustain the print head’s life, reduce the frequency of paper changes, and prevent paper-related mishaps such as jams and clogs. Rest assured as Star paper rolls comply with warranty guidelines and are available in a range of convenient pack sizes for your convenience.

  • Long shelf life
  • Guaranteed fit
  • 58mm Width
  • 170 ft Length
  • 25 Rolls/Case
  • BPA-Free Linerless Label
  • Blue Core Paper

Paper Sticky TSP654SK: 80mm Width, 170 ft Length, 6 Rolls/Case, Linerless Label, Blue Core


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Eco-friendly choice for businesses that are committed to sustainability.


Check out the newest release from ZynergyTech – the Linerless Label Rolls for TSP654SK , custom-made for the TSP654SK Label Printer. Maximized for printing performance and environmentally conscious, these label rolls are revolutionizing the game.


With an innovative linerless design reducing environmental impact


By using these rolls, businesses can cut down on wasteful liners and make a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, without the need for liners, these label rolls take up less storage space, making them an ideal choice for businesses with limited capacity. They are the smart, eco-friendly solution for any company seeking to reduce their environmental footprint while maximizing storage efficiency.

Upgrade your printing game today with ZynergyTech’s Linerless Label Rolls for TSP654SK !


Experience optimal printing performance with Linerless Label Rolls for TSP654SK.


Upgrade your label game with these rolls designed to complement TSP654SK thermal printers. You’ll love the clear, high-quality print and smudge-free results that give your labels an expert touch – and make them easy to read for the long haul.

These rolls are also designed for effortless use, affixed with a self-adhesive backing, and easy to remove, making them ideal for businesses that require regular label updates.


Looking for a printing solution that’s both top-performing and eco-friendly?


Revolutionize your printing game with Linerless Label Rolls for TSP654SK Label Printer. These game-changing rolls offer exceptional clarity in printing and seamless handling, making them a must-have for green-conscious and productive enterprises. Say goodbye to traditional labeling struggles and hello to an innovative and eco-friendly solution.


Upgrade to a better printing experience with ZynergyTech.

Experience seamless printing with ZynergyTech’s state-of-the-art POS and mPOS receipt printers, paired with top-quality and cost-effective paper. Our Star TRK58-D83-C17 KD 6PK Blue Core Linerless Label Paper Rolls are specifically designed to optimize your printing process, maximizing print head longevity while minimizing reloads, jams, and clogs thanks to their longer paper lengths. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our warranty on all paper rolls. Upgrade your printing game with ZynergyTech.



  • High-quality, affordable linerless label paper
  • Designed to work with Star’s TSP654SK printer
  • No liner means less waste and a more sustainable option
  • Clear, crisp printing
  • Easy to tear off
  • Repositionable
  • Fade-resistant
  • Convenient pack sizes


  • Save money on paper and waste
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Get clear, crisp printing
  • Easy to tear off and reposition
  • Fade-resistant labels that last
  • Convenient bulk purchase
  • ┬áStar Micronics Paper sticky 37969820 high quality
Order your Star Micronics Linerless Label Rolls for TSP654SK today and experience the difference that high-quality linerless label paper can make.


Star Micronics Linerless Label Rolls for TSP654SK are made with a thermal-sensitive coating that ensures clear, crisp printing. The paper is also fade-resistant, so your labels will look good for years to come.

These Label Rolls for TSP654SK are a great value for businesses of all sizes. They are affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Order your pack of 6 today and start enjoying the benefits of high-quality linerless label paper.

Weight 4.56 lbs
Dimensions 11.6 × 10.8 × 4.05 in
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