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Impact Printer Extended Warranty



Added Cost-Efficient Protection for Printer Maintenance

Star Micronics’ EXTEND-A-STAR® Service Agreement allows customers to extend the manufacturer’s limited warranty beyond its standard coverage period at a low cost per printer. EXTEND-A-STAR® options enables you to extend up to four (4) years the original warranty provided with the product at the time of purchase, with a bumper-to-bumper coverage that includes print head and cutters.

The Repair Process

The registered serial number is all you need to call a technical support specialist to request a return. Realizing the critical role the POS printer has for Star’s customers, repairs will be made on insured printers within 72 business hours of the printer being received by Star Micronics. The Star Micronics technical support specialist will attempt to troubleshoot the printer during the call and will approve printer swapping if the issue cannot be immediately resolved.


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