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HSP7743 Receipt Printer


High Accuracy, High Speed MICR Reader

Attention retail, grocery, and banking sectors! Introducing the HSP7743 – your ultimate solution for catering to check-paying customers at the POS station. With its highly affordable cost compared to a single station printer, this innovative technology is designed to revolutionize your business operations. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity – upgrade to the HSP7743 today!

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Ultra High Speed Receipt Station Can print 45 six inch receipts per minute (250 mm/sec)
High Reliability Thermal Receipt Station Slip/Validation Stations   Printer MCBF: 60 Million Lines Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1 Million Cuts 37 Million Lines
MICR Support Supports OPOS and JavaPOS drivers for quick check processing with the MICR Reader
Bottom Position MICR Perfect “no check flip” endorsement solution for retail applications
Validation Validate checks or other documents with up to 8 lines
Small Foot Print Save precious counter space
Two Color Capable Highlight important information
“Drop In & Print” Receipt Paper Loading Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading
Simple Slip Paper Loading Convenient intuitive forward loading and top of form positioning for slip/endorsement and validation printing
Multiple Copy Support Print multiple part forms; Supports Original + 2 copies* Supported only on the Slip/Validation Stations
Double Resolution Mode Increase resolution to 406 x 203 dpi for beautifully crisp and clear graphics and bar codes
2D Bar Code Printing 2D bar codes store more information than traditional 1D types and replicate the data multiple times for better scanning reliability. PD417 and QR Code are supported *Supported only on the Thermal Receipt Station
Recessed Cable Connections Helps protect cables from being damaged on the counter top
Installation CD Included in Box No need to download drivers or utilities
Digitally Signed Driver (WHQL) Certified by Microsoft for worry free operation
Simple-to-Use Utilities Included on Installation CD, free, easy to use
Partial futurePRNT Receipt Redesign Software Quickly and easily add logos and coupons for professional receipt branding, Reverse Text for vertical orientation, and more!
Logo Utility Store logos and other graphics for professional receipt branding
Memory Switch Utility Fine-tune your print outs or print in different languages by enabling, changing, or disabling certain settings
Ethernet Interface Set Up Utility Setting up and configuring an ethernet printer has never been more quick and easy!
Printer Method Direct Line Thermal Printing
Print Speed 250 mm/sec
Model Available Auto Cutter Only
Print Resolution 203 x 203 dpi / 203 x 406 dpi Selectable
Two Color Print Capability Red & Black / Blue & Black / Green & Black (Two color thermal paper required)
Bar Codes Supported
Paper SpecificationsWidth Thickness Roll Diameter Easy-Load Paper Out Sensor Paper Low Sensor Print Width 80 mm standard; 76 mm, 58mm adjustable 0.065 – 0.085 mm Up to 83 mm "Drop-In & Print" Standard Standard 80 mm paper = 72 mm; 76 mm paper = 68 mm; 58 mm paper = 50.8 mm
Auto Cutter Guillotine
Cover Open Sensor Yes
Reliability MCBF Auto Cutter 60 Million Lines 1.5 Million Cuts
Impact Slip/Validation Station
Print Method 9-Pin Bi-Directional Logic Seeking
Reliability 37 Million Lines
Number of Columns 60 / 45
Print Area 85.4 mm maximum
Paper Loading Intelligent Front Loading; Instant Top of Form Positioning
Multiple Copies Original + 3 (Up to 4-Ply Paper Supported)
Paper SizeWidth Length Up to 230 mm 75 – 297 mm
Paper Thickness1 Ply 4 Ply 0.09 – 0.20 mm 0.09 – 0.31 mm
Ribbon RC7KB
Check Printing Yes
Validation Yes (Maximum 8 Lines)
MICR Yes; Top or Bottom Position MICR available
MICR Character Sets E13B / CMC-7
General Specifications
Printer Case Color Putty or Gray
Dimensions Weight 186 x 177 x 296 (w x h x d)mm 4.6 kg
Emulation Star Mode, ESC/POS™
Drivers Available Windows® XP 32 Bit, Vista 32/64 Bit, Windows 7 32/64 Bit, Server 2008 32/64 Bit, XP Embedded, POSReady 2009, OPOS™, JavaPOS™, USB Vendor Class, Linux™, Mac OS X, StarIO SDK with support for iOS, Android and Blackberry
Digitally Signed (WHQL) Yes
Digitally Signed (WHQL) Yes
Swappable Interfaces Yes
Connectivity Serial, Parallel, USB, Powered USB, or Ethernet
Power Supply External; Requires PS60A External Power Supply
Peripheral Drive Circuit 2 circuits
Power 24V DC
Safety Standards UL, C-UL, TüV, FCC Class A, CE, CB GOST, C-tick, AS Standard, VCCI Class A, EN55022
Included with Printer Installation CD with Drivers and Manuals, Set Up Sheets, Start Up Thermal Paper Roll, Ribbon Cartridge, Paper Guide, Power Switch Cover, Ferrite Core
Warranty 2 Year Full Manufacturer Warranty
Options External Power Supply (PS60A) Swappable InterfacesNo MICR Version MICR Top Position MICR Bottom Position MICR Bottom Position (HSP7643 Standard) Swap-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US) Extend-A-Star Extended Warranty Program (US and Canada)

HSP7743 Receipt Printer: MICR Scanner & Check Franking

Attention retail, grocery, and banking establishments! Are you looking for a solution to support check paying customers at the POS station without breaking the bank? Introducing the HSP7743 Receipt Printer, designed to meet your needs at a price comparable to a single station printer.

We understand that three crucial functions are necessary to support 95% of customers: reliable MICR reading, jam-free check endorsement, and lightning fast receipt printing. The HSP7000 series, which draws on Star’s most sought-after products such as the TSP700 Series, the TSP100GT, and the SP700 dot matrix printer, perfectly fits the bill. With over 30 years of Star “know-how,” the HSP7000 is the fastest, most reliable, and most accurate product on the market.

Don’t let check paying customers slow down your business! Invest in the HSP7743 Receipt Printer today and see the difference for yourself.


Key Features

  • Fast 250mm/sec thermal receipt printing
  • “Drop-In and Print” paper loading
  • Prints high quality graphics
  • Quickly endorse and validate documents
  • High accuracy, high speed MICR reader
  • Standard printer dimensions allow for easy drop-in replacement of competitor hybrid printer
HSP7743 Receipt Printer | ZynergyTech
HSP7743 Receipt Printer | ZynergyTech


Introducing the HSP7743 Receipt Printer from Star Micronics – the ultimate package of power and reliability! This series seamlessly combines the best features from Star’s TSP700 Series, TSP100GT, and SP700 dot matrix printer to deliver uncompromised performance. With over 30 years of expertise in the POS industry, Star brings you a product that is fast, dependable, and precise. Don’t settle for less, experience the all-in-one solution that Star has to offer today!

HSP7743 Receipt Printer | ZynergyTech


Star Micronics understands that 3 functions are necessary to support 95% of customers:

– Read the check’s MICR reliably

– Endorse checks without jams

– Print a receipt as fast as possible

HSP7743 Receipt Printer | ZynergyTech


The HSP7743 Receipt Printer is designed to assist and empower users who want to extend the capabilities of their current system. This check endorsement printer with MICR reader can validate a check and fits seamlessly into the rest of the Star Micronics POS family, including receipt printers, label printers, cash drawerstablet POS stands, and more.

  • The paper loading mechanism is located at the front of the printer.
  • To load paper, open the paper loading door.
  • Insert the paper into the feed tray, with the top edge of the paper facing up.
  • The paper should be loaded so that the leading edge of the paper is aligned with the paper sensor.
  • Close the paper loading door.
  • The printer will automatically feed the paper into the printer.

The HSP7543 also features top-of-form positioning, which means that the printer will automatically position the paper at the top of the form when it starts printing. This makes it easy to print slip/endorsement and validation documents, as you do not need to manually adjust the paper position.

Here are some additional tips for loading paper in the HSP7743 Receipt Printer:

  • Use the correct type of paper. The HSP7743 Receipt Printer is designed to use thermal paper. Do not use other types of paper, as this could damage the printer.
  • Make sure that the paper is loaded correctly. The paper should be loaded with the top edge facing up and the leading edge aligned with the paper sensor.
  • If the paper is not loaded correctly, the printer will not be able to feed the paper or print
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