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Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer


Small size yet fully featured

Looking for an easy-to-use printer that won’t take up too much space? Meet the CL-E300! Whether you prefer the standard model or the more versatile CL-E300EX, with optional Bluetooth, WiFi, or LAN, you can count on this printer to deliver the connection you need. Plus, Citizen’s LinkServer™ makes it easy to manage and configure your printer. With direct thermal and thermal transfer options as well as cutter and peeler choices, the CL-E300 series can handle 5″ media rolls, and with 203 and 300 dpi versions available, you can ensure that your prints look sharp and professional. Don’t let a cramped workspace hold you back – choose the CL-E300 today and take your printing to the next level!.

  • Unique, contemporary design
  • Small footprint, ideal for logistics and warehouse environments
  • On-board Ethernet LAN interface with USB and Serial
  • Paper load: Hi-Lift™ mechanism and ClickClose™ closure
  • Printing Speed:
    • Ultra fast print out – up to 200mm per second (8 inches per second)
  • Paper thickness: Paper thickness up to 0.150mm
  • Single button control panel
  • Case colour: Available in black or white
  • Media sensor:
    • Adjustable media sensor
    • Black mark sensor
    • Label gap sensor
Printing Technology Direct Thermal
Print Speed (maximum)
  • 8 inches per second (200 mm/s)
Print Width (maximum) 4 inches (104 mm)
Media Width (min to max) 1 - 4.6 inches (25.4 - 118 mm)
Media Sensor Fully adjustable gap and reflective black mark
Roll Size (max), Core Size Inside diameter 5 inches (125 mm) Core size 1 inch (25mm)
Case Hi-Open™ industrial ABS case with safe close
Flash (Non-Volatile Memory) 16 MB total, 4MB available for user
Drivers and software Free-of-charge on CD with printer, including support for various platforms
Warranty 2 year warranty on printer. 1 year warranty on printhead - 50 Kms in TT mode or 30 Kms in DT mode
Emulations (Languages)
  • Cross-Emulation™ - autoswitch between Zebra® and Datamax® emulations
  • CBI™ BASIC Interpreter
  • Eltron® EPL2®
  • Zebra® ZPL2®
  • Datamax® DMX
RAM (standard Memory) 32MB total, 4 MB available for user
EMC and safety standards
  • CE
  • TUV
  • UL
  • FCC
  • VCCI
  • 203 dpi
Main Interface Triple interface USB 2.0, RS-232 and 10/100 Ethernet

Looking for a high-quality label printer that’s perfect for your business?

Put an end to your search for the perfect label printer because the Citizen CL-E300 is the ultimate solution! This printer boasts peak efficiency, impressive features, and a sleek style that is perfect for all types of businesses requiring top-notch label production.

What sets the Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer apart from the rest is its standout feature – high print resolution. With this printer, you can be assured of sharp and precise text and graphics that meet all your labeling needs – from barcodes to shipping labels. It’s time to elevate your labeling game and experience the printer that always delivers.


Say Goodbye to Poor Quality Printing: Preserve & Enhance Text & Graphics with the Citizen CL-E300.

Don’t waste another moment using subpar label printers that fail to meet your needs. Invest in the Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer and witness the difference in quality it brings to all your labeling tasks. Order yours today and discover why it’s the top choice for businesses of all kinds.


Intuitive interface and user-friendly software for Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer


Looking for a printer that can handle all your label printing needs?

Look no further than the Citizen CL-E300.

This printer is a game-changer. With its fast print speed of up to 8 inches per second, you can easily churn out large quantities of labels even when the clock is ticking against you. Say goodbye to missing deadlines with this efficient and powerful printer.

But the CL-E300 isn’t just a fast printer. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly software make it easy to set up and start using right away. You don’t need to be a tech expert to start producing high-quality labels – just plug it in and watch it go.


And the best part?

This printer is incredibly durable. Built to withstand tough industrial environments, it’s designed to run 24/7, delivering consistent, high-quality results no matter how demanding your printing needs may be.

So if you’re on the hunt for a reliable and efficient label printer that can work as hard as you do, the Citizen CL-E300 is the clear choice.

Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer | ZynergyTech

USB, Ethernet (LAN), and serial Interfaces for Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer


Looking for a versatile label printer for your business?

Look no further than the Citizen CL-E300. With seamless connectivity options including USB, Ethernet (LAN), and serial, integration into any existing system is a breeze.

Whether you need to print labels for inventory management, shipping, product labeling, or any other application, the Citizen CL-E300 is the perfect choice. It boasts high-quality printing, speedy operation, and reliable performance to meet the demands of any business workflow.


Upgrade Your Labeling Game Now: The Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer Is Here

Maximize efficiency and get professional-quality labels in no time with the Citizen CL-E300. Let this powerhouse tool take your label printing to the next level and streamline your business operations. Say goodbye to complicated integration processes and hello to easy, seamless connectivity. The Citizen CL-E300 truly is a flexible and versatile choice for businesses of any size.

Citizen CL-E300 Label Printer | ZynergyTech


How do I connect my Citizen label printer to my computer?
Open your connected devices and select Pair new device. Run a test print. Choose Bluetooth from the printer options and select the paired Citizen printer. Log into the Check-in app and select a setup that requires a printer.

The Citizen CL-E300 is a compact and durable direct thermal label printer ideal for a wide range of applications, including shipping, logistics, retail, and healthcare. It offers 203 dpi resolution and print speeds up to 5 inches per second.

Say Goodbye to Poor Quality Printing: Preserve & Enhance Text & Graphics with the Citizen CL E300.

The CL-E300 features an integrated Ethernet LAN interface, as well as USB and serial ports. This makes it easy to connect to a variety of devices, including computers, laptops, and smartphones. The printer is also compatible with a wide range of label software, making it even more versatile.

The CL-E300 is easy to use and maintain. Loading labels is quick and easy, and the printer features an LED indicator that shows the print status. The printer is also compatible with a variety of label types, including paper, synthetic, and polyester.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 11 in
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