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Cash Drawers SMD2-1317

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13” x 17” Premier and Compact

Max Series cash registers are the premier choice for the retailrestaurant, and cannabis industries. Featuring durable, all-steel drawers with Kensington lock compatibility, printer- or USB-driven connectivity, and sleek Star branding, these cash drawers are designed to securely and efficiently manage cash, all while delivering professional, high-quality looks. Cash-heavy businesses, like restaurants, bars, and cannabis dispensaries, will love the extra large options. The Max Series cash registers also feature four lock functions: locked-closed, online (opens electronically), manual open, and locked-open.

Star’s SMD2 cash drawers give retailers the ultimate flexibility in providing their customers with a truly unique shopping experience. With the ability to communicate via standard printer driven interface with included cable, the SMD2-1317 cash drawer enables secure cash management in any sales environment.


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Dimensions 13.0 x 16.3 x 4.1 (W x D x H) inches 330 x 415 x 104 (W x D x H) mm
Weight Approx. 15.4 lbs Approx. 7 kg
Cash Till ABS Plastic Cash Till; 4 Bill / 4 Coin; 3 Bill / 5 Coin
Lock Kensington Lock Capable
Connectivity Standard printer driven interface (cable included) or Star's DK-AirCash wireless option for WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, MFi certified Bluetooth or Ethernet communication
Solenoid 24V
Color Black or White
Warranty 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (US and Canada)
Options Under-Counter Mounting Bracket (SMD2-1317) Insert / Money Tray (SMD2-1317) Locking Lid (SMD2-1317) Y Cable for dual cash drawer to connect to Star printer (10 inch) Y Cable Kit for dual cash drawer to connect to Epson printer (3 cables included)
Reliability 2,000,000 Opens
Cash Till ABS Plastic Cash Till; 4 Bill / 4 Coin; 3 Bill / 5 Coin
Security Kensington Lock Capable Locking Till Cover (Optional)
Connectivity Standard printer driven interface (cable included)
Solenoid 24V

Star Max Cash Drawers: SMD2-1317 Small

Upgrade from old, bulky cash registers to the sleek Max Series Cash Drawers SMD2-1317. Favored among retail owners for its durability and unmatched security features, this all-steel cash drawer offers Kensington lock compatibility, printer or USB connectivity, and four lock functions – locked-closed, online (opens electronically), manual open, and locked-open – making it the ultimate choice for fast and safe transactions.

Say hello to modernized store management by purchasing your own Max Series Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 today!

Key Features

  • Durable all-steel construction
  • Standard removable ABS plastic cash till
  • Kensington lock capable for added security
  • Two available interfaces: printer-driven with bottom exit cable (cable included) or USB-driven, which requires no external power supply and allows host to see if cash drawer is connected or disconnected
Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 | ZynergyTech
Cash Drawers SMD2-1617 | ZynergyTech

Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 Selector Tool

Upgrade your retail business with Star’s Cash Drawers SMD2-1317. O
ur innovative design provides ultimate flexibility for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Equipped with a standard printer-driven interface and included cable, the Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 allows for secure cash management in any sales environment. Don’t settle for less – revolutionize your cash handling game today!
Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 | ZynergyTech
White Option

Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 Multiple Connectivity

Introducing the dynamic SMD2 Series with printer-driven connection (DK Port) and direct USB Port integration to the POS terminal. This revolutionary interface empowers retailers and restaurants to seamlessly collect and manage cash while keeping an eye on cash drawer status from anywhere. With USB connectivity, business owners can effortlessly connect multiple cash drawers to the same host device, while still uniquely identifying each drawer.

Take control of your cash management with the Cash Drawers SMD2-1317.

Upgrade today!

Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 | ZynergyTech



Looking for the perfect cash drawer to handle your busy business?

Look no further than the Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 from the Max Series! Designed to manage cash with efficiency and style, these drawers are perfect for restaurants, bars, and cannabis dispensaries. With extra-large options available, you’ll have everything you need to keep your cash flowing smoothly and your business looking professional. Get your Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 today at an affordable price for the ultimate user experience. Don’t wait – upgrade your retail shop now and start making money!


The Max Series joins two other Star Micronics cash drawer lines: The Value Series of affordable, standard cash drawers, and the Choice Series of extra-strong cash drawers with industry-favorite design features.

One of the standout features of the Cash Drawers SMD2-1317 is their sleek Star branding, giving your business a professional and high-quality appearance. But it’s not just about looks, these cash drawers are designed to efficiently and securely manage cash.


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