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Carbonless Receipt Rolls 2-Ply for SP700, SP500


Upgrade Your Receipt Experience with ZynergyTech

Looking for high-quality, affordable paper to accompany your POS or mPOS receipt printer? Star Micronics has got you covered! Our 2-Ply Carbonless Receipt Rolls for SP500 & SP700 printers are just what you need to extend the life of your printer’s print head, reduce the need for frequent paper changes, and prevent jams and clogs.

With Star’s RF76-D85-C17 2P 12PK Blue Core, you can experience the most efficient printing possible. What’s more, our paper supports warranty compliance and is offered in convenient pack sizes.

Upgrade your receipt experience today and shop Star Micronics!

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High-Quality & Reliable Carbonless Receipt Rolls for Star Micronics Printers

Carbonless Receipt Rolls Sp500 Sp700

Looking for the perfect receipt rolls for your busy retail store or restaurant that’s efficient and cost-effective? Look no further! Our Carbonless Receipt Rolls for Sp700 and Sp500 Series 25 Pack offer unbeatable performance, ease of use and exceptional value for money.

Benefits of Our Carbonless Receipt Rolls:

– Dual-ply design for creating duplicate copies of each receipt
– Exceptional print quality that’s crisp and clear
– Long-lasting ink formula for ensuring receipts remain sharp and readable for months
– Easy to use with no complicated installation or setup required
– Eco-friendly choice that uses sustainable materials designed to be recyclable
– Compatible with the Star Micronics SP500 and SP700 series printers


Streamline Your Processes with Carbonless Receipt Rolls

Our Carbonless Carbonless Receipt Rolls Sp500 Sp700 help businesses of all sizes to streamline their processes and keep customers satisfied. It is the ultimate solution for efficient receipt printing, which records transactions accurately, and is ideal for accounting or inventory purposes.


Discover the Blue Core Promise with Star Micronics

Experience the difference with Star Micronics printer paper rolls, easily recognized by the trademark Blue Core. Our premium grade rolls have a superior touch and feel, working seamlessly with Star printers to maximize the life of the printhead. BPA-free and non-toxic, our rolls also have a long shelf life and are thoroughly tested for a guaranteed fit.

With options for all budgets and applications, Star Micronics offers printers and paper that provide crisp, clearly legible receipts every time. Upgrade your printing experience and choose Star Micronics for the quality and reliability you deserve.

Upgrade Your Label Paper to Meet Your Needs

Make your label printing process easier with Star Micronics’ customizable label paper. Our Blue Core label paper boasts the same benefits as our thermal receipt paper, including extending the print head’s lifespan and preventing jams and clogs. Plus, our code-compliant cannabis labels provide an option for businesses in the cannabis industry. With Star Micronics Cloud Services, you can customize your labels entirely with powerful tools for technology providers and business owners. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect label printing

Upgrade to Star Micronics’ customizable label paper today.

Try Our Carbonless Receipt Rolls Now!


Don’t wait! Order Carbonless Receipt Rolls 25 Pack and experience the benefits for yourself. Choose an eco-friendly choice that reduces your waste production while saving your money.


  • High-quality, affordable receipt paper
  • Designed to work with Star’s SP500 and SP700 series printers
  • Carbonless technology for two-part copies
  • Blue core helps to extend the life of the print head
  • Longer length than standard paper rolls
  • Prevents jams and clogs
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Fade-resistant
  • Convenient pack sizes


  • Clear, smooth printing
  • Extended print head life
  • Fewer paper changes
  • Reduced risk of jams and clogs
  • Peace of mind knowing that your receipts are fade-resistant
  • Convenient bulk purchase
  • Easy to tear off
  • Two-part copies for easy reference
Order your Star Micronics Carbonless Receipt Rolls SP500 SP700 today and experience the difference that high-quality receipt paper can make.
Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 4.13 × 5.06 in
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